100m3 - Connected timber trade supply chain software

100m3 is a software specially designed to solve the most important tasks of timber trade supply chain management faced by producers and buyers such as fast reporting, quality assurance and regulations compliance, demand forecasting and production planning, costs optimization and customer satisfaction.


Reduce your timber trade supply chain costs with efficient data management

100m3 is a cloud-based timber trade SaaS designed to respond in an efficient and timely way to constantly evolving customer expectations, the increasing complexity of the market and timber trade regulations.

Reporting tools


Timber shipments status tracking

Compliance to RPP (Responsible Purchasing

ETA (estimated timing at
arrival) predictions

Collaboration system on shipment conformity
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Everything you need for efficient timber trade supply chain management on the tips of your fingers.

100m3 is the solution for efficient timber supply chain management based on real-time data allowing to increase your business performance.

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Vitalii Pisarev

100m3 AG, is a Swiss-based timber trade software startup located in Lucerne, a strategic location for every forestry company. 100m3 CEO Vitalii Pisarev, having more than 20 years experience on the market as a timber trader, knows inside out the challenges facing market stakeholders. His industry knowledge, network, and sales background create a solid platform for successful software adoption by forestry market players


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