we create a world-class marketplace on the territory

For the interaction of buyers and
sellers of wood

Residency of electronic B2B platform for wood trade

New jobs for prospective IT
E Electronic B2B trade continues to grow rapidly throughout the world. According to the forecast of Frost & Sullivan, by 2020 the turnover in the online B2B-segment will reach $ 25 trillion, which is 2 times higher than retail and will make up about 27% of the total market volume. This is the reason for the serious prospects, which promises support for startups associated with B2B trading.
W We practice a responsible approach with conservation of nature. Our goal is to create a wood industry that will help preserve forests, observe the interests of municipalities and workers, and prevent the reduction of available resources.
P Placement of this type of online B2B business will undoubtedly become a point of productive business activity on the canton map, create new jobs for qualified IT personnel, and strengthen the microeconomics of the municipality.

We offer a new look at
the traditional sphere

Electronic trading of timber. Manufacturers, traders and professional wholesale buyers of wood products will meet here.
T The project is implemented as a website and mobile application. Its task is to organize an effective interaction between woodworking industries, distribution traders and consumers of wood materials. The site will allow buyers to compare prices, conditions and terms of payment and delivery, to solve logistics issues.
T The main consumers: construction companies, small and medium-sized businesses, using wood for the production of goods, retail chains of DIY stores, as well as individual buyers.

Our efficient online platform will increase market transparency, customer loyalty and supplier revenue

Our efficient online platform will increase market transparency,
customer loyalty and supplier revenue.
Customers opportunities
Sellers opportunities
100m3.com service is a guarantee of attractive purchase
prices for the entire range of wood materials.
Site 100m3.com - maximum geography of supply,
high speed and reliability of transactions.
Save money
Supplying of materials at stably
low prices is the key to
successful long term business
Comprehensive service
The buyer receives
comfortable conditions:
search, payment, delivery and
registration of accompanying
documents completely we
Goods Return
Each transaction is protected
by the guarantee of the site: in
case of a discrepancy in the
quality of the goods or a
breakdown in the delivery time,
the lot is returned to the seller.
Advantageous schemes of work
We provide new marketing
channels for timber with high added value
Supply chain
Complex service for the
enterprises: warehouse,
transport and financing of
Each transaction is protected
by the guarantee of the site: in
case of a discrepancy in the
quality of the goods or a
breakdown in the delivery time,
the lot is returned to the seller.

Why Switzerland

The opportunities and advantages that the placement of an online B2B project in Switzerland can not be overemphasized. Rapid development of the local IT sector is of great interest and inspires optimism.
The advantageous geographical location of Switzerland in the center of Europe. From the perspective of the development of timber trading, it is the most profitable. The largest consumers of wood in Europe - Germany and France - are located in close proximity.
In such conditions, our startup
is simply doomed to success!
Our office is planned to be registered in Lucerne, an innovative international business center and a forest industry cluster with ideal conditions for start-ups and support for new technologies such as blockchain.
Switzerland attracts us the opportunity to launch the project among the country's large forest industry and the developed small and medium business sector:
Annual output of forest products in Switzerland - 1 billion Swiss francs
Swiss timber production in 2015 is 1122 million cubic meters
Small and medium enterprises - 2/3 of all jobs in the country

The largest portal for monitoring Chinese timber prices

The point of support for our project is the existing website, which is already actively working with the Siberian and Chinese markets. This is the largest portal for monitoring Chinese prices for more than 300 types of timber.

We monitor prices in real time on the three largest markets in China: Manchuria, Suifenhe and Shanghai. The relevance and reliability of information provided to buyers and sellers for initial inspection is close to 99%.

Our philosophy we rely on

Our overriding goal is to bring timber trade to a qualitatively new level due to IT innovations, to promote the global development of the industry for the common good. We exist to help develop business partners and multiply mutual benefits.

The success of the partner is not only our profit, but also the sense of satisfaction from the competently executed work, the trust and gratitude of all participants in each transaction.


Glad to personal acquaintance

The founder of the company and its leader is Vitalii Pisarev, who will also be responsible for the formation of the team. At the launch stage, it will consist mainly of software engineers.

The labour market in Switzerland and specifically in the Lucerne region is uniquely suited to the staffing requirements of 100 m3.com

I very much count on the success of negotiations on the placement of the trading B2B platform — 100m3.com on the territory of the Swiss Confederation. For my part, I guarantee seriousness and long-term intentions, readiness to work with maximum dedication for the common good. Sincerely, the founder of the project 100m3.com Vitalii Pisarev